Keep Your Home Energy Bills Down By Doing This

Most homes use a lot of energy and as a result, create a large carbon footprint that is detrimental to the environment. There are many benefits of saving energy besides being good for the environment; it will also be good for your wallet. In this article we will look at a few ways you can immediately start saving energy in your home.
Tip No. 1
The first tip is that you need to stop taking your appliances for granted. Did you know that if an appliance is plugged into a wall socket and not in use, it still consumes energy? Well, it does! Therefore, if you are not using an appliance, be sure to unplug it. Of course, I’m not saying you should unplug your refrigerator or air conditioner. You should unplug appliances such as the television, radio, microwave, water heater, sound system etc. when they are not in use in order to cut down on the amount of energy that is wasted.
Tip No. 2
Another way to save energy is to properly insulate your home for winter. Many people don’t pay attention to the insulation in their homes but will pay hundreds of pounds on their heating bill. If you have a properly insulated home, you won’t need to use your heater as much and as a result, your heating bill would be drastically reduced.
Tip No. 3
Next, you should take a closer look at your washing habits. Many people use their washing machine on a daily basis or even a few times per week for just a handful of clothes at a time. This is a huge waste of energy and it is better that you wait until you have a substantial amount of clothes before you use your […]

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Keep Your Radiators Warm This Christmas By Doing This

Giving you peace of mind, as well as keeping your family nice and warm during the cold winter months, a well functioning set of radiators in your property will also help to keep your heating bills down to a minimum. By ensuring that your radiators, and heating system in general, are well maintained, your system will work better, use less power and heat your home more efficiently. Whilst we strongly recommend the benefits of having your heating unit inspected and maintained on an annual basis, by a qualified, Gas Safe engineer, there are some things that you can do safely to help keep things working as they should.

Proper maintenance will not only save you time and money, but will also alert you to any potential problems and let you handle them before they turn into larger, more costly problems.
Hot Water Radiators
Central heating radiators use hot water to produce their heat and the most common issue with these radiators is trapped air in the system. If they become full of air instead of hot water, they will be unable to generate enough heat to heat the room.

Fortunately, this problem has a simple cure to remove any unwanted air from the hot water radiator system. After turning on the boiler for the first time each winter, open the bleed valve a little at each radiator unit. You will immediately notice that air will start hissing from the valve. When water begins to seep from the system, close the valve. Always begin this process on the top floor of the building, and move down floor by floor until every valve in the system has been bled.

Another common problem in a piped system is the loss of heat as the hot water […]

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Does Your Shower Keep Dripping?

Do you ever find that your shower keeps dripping, even when switched off? Annoying isn’t it! We are regularly called out by customers who face this problem and want to know why it happens.

One of the most common causes of this problem relates to showers which are attached to bath taps. With a diverter valve you lift and press down to send the water either to the showers or to the taps. Despite the fact that your bath taps may be fine, your shower may keep on dripping but how can this happen?
What is the Cause?
In many cases, it will be as simple as an air lock causing water to become trapped in the head of the shower. When the water flow to the shower is cut, it will run back down the shower hose creating an airlock in the head of the shower.

Because of this, not all water will run be able to run back down the pipe and excess water will remain trapped in the head of the show. This will then continue to drip from the head, causing a great deal of annoyance to anyone near the shower is the continual drip, drip becomes increasingly frustrating!
So How Can it be Fixed?
There are a couple of different methods that can be successfully used with the primary one being to turn the taps off whilst holding the shower head vertically, this will ensure that that all of the water runs back into the hose. Follow this up by pressing down directly onto the shower diverter which will ensure that all of the water is removed from the shower head, leaving nothing left to drip.

Another effective method is to manually drain the shower. Simply unscrew the […]

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Keeping Warm This Winter

The central heating installation is at the heart of any property, an effective central heating system creates a warm and homely environment with lots of hot water, when not working a property can be rendered almost uninhabitable. We therefore understand the importance of the central heating installation in your home.

Our gas registered central heating engineer London and fully qualified Electricians have the skills and experience to cover a wide range of jobs, whether it is repairing or upgrading an existing central heating installation London or installing a completely new system.
Installing New Systems
New central heating installations are generally required in:

New buildings
When there is a major refurbishment
When the existing system becomes uneconomical to repair.

J and P Plumbing and heating have worked on all types of projects and therefore understand the unique requirements for each type of project.

The most disruptive project is the replacement or installation of a new central heating system when the occupants are living within the property; as a result J and P will never recommend the replacement of a central heating installation unless it is absolutely necessary for issues can very often be solved by heating system repairs.
Keeping Disruption to a Minimum
Our goal is to always keep any disruption to an absolute minimum, and therefore will work closely with the home owner to plan the work in a way that has the least amount of impact on the home.

J and P also have a fully skilled team of electricians, carpenters and painter decorators , so if there is any making good required to the property after the central heating installation London has been completed, this can also be undertaken.
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Why Annual Servicing Is Important For A Boiler

A boiler is a great way to heat the home, but for a lot of people they do not know why the annual service is so important for the boiler. They tend to fall under the category of it worked last year so it will be fine.

However, this can be a huge mistake if people are not careful and this is when people should know about why the annual service is so important. By knowing why this is so important to do, it will lead to people getting the work done and knowing the boiler will work properly.
Save Money with a Boiler Service
Saves money on the expensive repairs that can come up. While most of the time people never think about this, they need to realize the boilers can break down. The problem is when the boiler breaks down, the repair work tends to be very expensive. In fact, the repair work can be so expensive people may have to take out an equity line to cover the cost of the repairs.
Reducing Carbon Monoxide
Reduction in the chances of carbon monoxide entering the home is something else which people will enjoy. Most of the time, people think the boilers are not going to put off carbon monoxide. This mistake can be deadly as the boiler and any other item that uses a fuel to burn can put off carbon monoxide. By having the boiler worked on annually, it will reduce the chance of the boiler putting off this deadly gas.
Keeping Heating Bills Down
Reduction in the heating cost of the home. While most people think they can easily afford to heat their home, they need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, with a […]

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